The iStratus® app is your day-to-day companion for getting things done. It's not just another "ToDo" app though; there is a lot more to your day than just that. What you collect throughout the day and the resources/files you need during the day are relevant and sometimes critical.

The app is designed to be used on a daily basis, so you really don't need to be "reminded" of your daily ToDos. A ToDo follows you every day until you complete it. Notice that this is very different from how a Calendar event works (you miss it and you probably never see it again).

As you move along in your day, you collect various items such as by scanning a receipt or receiving a file attachment in an email. These are easily added to your Daily-WorkSpace or to some other location in your Cloud.

Many times, you already have what you need and it just needs to be easily accessible, such as your encrypted medical records folder for a doctor's appointment. Because iStratus provides full access to your Cloud file system (in Dropbox and coming soon... iCloud Drive), you have that capability. Another example is requiring a password for a website or a gate-code - just get it from your Password Vault, which is built into the app as well.

The high level structure of the app can be explained by describing the tabs that are always available at the bottom of the screen:

  • Calendar - Event/Appointments, ToDos, Daily-WorkSpace
  • Imports - Holding place for incoming documents such email attachments and convenient drops from your desktop
  • Keep-In-Mind - You can bookmark an item from anywhere and it shows here. You can also create various items here that you want to keep in mind and perhaps mark as a ToDo at some point.
  • Files - Your folders and files in the Cloud and ones that you always want accessible on your device even when offline
  • Password Vault - Encrypted password manager


Quickly get the idea on how to do some simple/useful things in the app, such as:
  • What's the best way to get started?
  • Prioritize your ToDos.
  • Quickly snap a photo of a receipt.
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Whether or not you already have the app, it is fun to read about some of the main features, such as:
  • ToDos
  • Hot-Icon
  • iStratus-PDF
  • Create & Edit
  • Select & Arrange
  • Encryption
  • Password Vault
  • Imports
  • Customize
  • Personalized Calendar System
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We have accumulated some "Frequently Asked Questions" from real users, such as:
  • Does the price of the app cover all of my Apple devices?
  • I forgot my password. Can I just start over?
  • Is there a version of the app for Android devices?
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