iStratus® Pro

Unlock Daily RollUp, File Encryption, Secure Vault, and PDF Signing.
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Daily RollUp

Never miss a ToDo


  • Daily RollUp brings all incomplete ToDos front and center
  • ToDos enter RollUp on the day they're due
  • ToDos remain in RollUp until completed or deferred to a later date
  • RollUp places new ToDos below existing ones
  • Reorder RollUp any way you see fit
  • Filter RollUp by priority
Features of iStratus

File Encryption

Military grade AES-256 data security


  • Encrypt any file type
  • Easily edit or view a locally decrypted copy
  • Use your own encryption keys
  • Add keys to the Encryption Manager for quick access
  • Standard file format can be decrypted outside of iStratus
  • Secure AES-256 encryption algorithm
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Secure Vault

Keep personal information like credit card numbers, insurance information, and passwords securely with you at all times


  • Store all of your sensitive account information in a single ultra-secure location
  • Local encryption ensures data is never visible to a 3rd party
  • Search by subject, username, password fragment, or notes
  • Organize into customizable categories
  • Quickly copy usernames or passwords to the clipboard
  • Sync between all your devices
  • Copy and save card (Credit, Driver's License, etc.)

PDF Signing

Sign, date, and share any PDF file


  • Convert many common document formats to PDF
  • Save and sync frequently used signatures
  • Add custom dates or text
Scan, sign and edit PDF files

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