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iStratus® Security
Organize your passwords


iStratus® DayPlanner
Organize your daily activities


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iStratus® Security:
Organize your passwords

Simplify password storage

We are all overwhelmed with dozens or even hundreds of passwords - banking, shopping sites, social media, PINs, different email accounts, keyless entry, alarm systems, various websites

Maybe you already maintain your passwords in a text file, a spreadsheet, or even a supposedly "secure" website. It is extremely unlikely that your methodology is truly secure. You may not even trust it enough to enter all of your passwords in there.

Rest assured, our "Password Vault" uses the most advanced encryption techniques in the world. First and foremost, your passwords are SECURE here! You simply need to provide a single "Master Password" that itself is not stored on your device or in the cloud and it doesn't travel over the internet.

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iStratus® DayPlanner:
Organize your daily activities

Plan your Day

iStratus® DayPlanner takes your Apple Calendar to a whole new level. Think about how convenient it would be to create a new Calendar event/appointment that includes any of the following:

  • Checklist and notes

  • Contacts

  • Photos

  • Cloud files

Other powerful and unique features:

  • Easily create recurring events with varying times
  • Personalize with reusable themes, icons, fonts, and colors
  • Add private comments and multi-colored flags to your events

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