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Take control of your life with an all-in-one planner

iStratus DayPlanner…the all-in-one solution to organize your busy life across your mobile iOS devices.

One of the most useful features in iStratus® DayPlanner is the PCS (that stands for Personalized Calendar System). Fully integrated with Apple's calendar, the PCS allows you to quickly/easily customize the look and feel of an event or appointment. It may surprise you how super helpful this is when viewing your day's events.

The PCS also has a very unique feature — you can easily create recurring events with varying dates and times. For example, let's say you are scheduling several physical therapy appointments, tentatively every Wednesday at 12PM. Looking through your calendar, you find that works for many Wednesdays but some of them are already busy in some way. Well, now you are in for spending a lot of time trying to schedule all of these - not fun. With PCS, it's a snap.

Features at a glance:

  •   Personalize with your own themes, icons, colors, and tags
  •   Intuitive design and layout
  •   Easily create recurring events with varying dates and times
  •   Move multiple events at-a-time
  •   Attach relevant documents
  •   Integrated with Apple's calendar and Siri
  •   Syncyronized across your Apple devices and other services (iCloud, Google, Exchange)

Security of your data is more critical now than it has ever been. You've read about it in the news - it seems like every system turns out to be "hackable" somehow. The truth is that the only way to keep your data secure is by doing it yourself! You see, all data is secured by means of "encryption". Encryption is essentially just mangling the data so badly, that it is unrecognizable to anybody that does not know the password to it.

The key here is that only YOU should know the password, NOT the creator/administrator of the system you store your data in. iStratus® DayPlanner offers the encryption you need, and on top of that, makes it practical and easy to use, right where you need it.

Your file is encrypted using the industry-standard, military-grade AES-256 algorithm. That's the same methodology that Apple, Amazon, the U.S. government, and many other organizations use. With iStratus® DayPlanner, your file is SECURE if you choose your own password and it is not guessable.

Features at a glance:

  •   Encrypt individual files
  •   Military-grade encryption
  •   Use your own password(s)
  •   Workflow that is intuitive and also very informative
  •   Built-in manager to store and access your passwords

Right from your device, in any folder, you can easily create/edit files, such as:

  •   Notes
  •   Tasks
  •   Checklists
  •   Photos/Video
  •   Audio Recordings (for convenient dictation)
  •   Contacts (organize them in your own folder structure)
  •   PDFs (snap multiple photos into a single file)

Files are immediately stored in your Dropbox, accessible from anywhere. Notes, Tasks, Checklists, and other files can also be edited from your desktop/laptop.

The ability to customize and personalize your own data makes everything more usable and well... just more enjoyable.

Features at a glance:

  •   Personalize the appearance of folders/files with various themes, images, colors, and fonts
  •   Order your folders/files in a way that makes sense to you
  •   Apply comments, tags, colored-flags, and more to any folder/file

Plan and record your daily activity, right alongside your calendar of appointments and events. With a busy personal and work life, daily activity generally involves tasks, checklists, and richer capabilities than just a calendar.

Plan your day with:

  •   Tasks and checklists, using personal templates
  •   Relevant contacts
  •   Relevant material, such as having your medical records folder on-hand

Record your day with:

  •   Notes
  •   People you meet
  •   Receipts, scans, or multi-page PDFs of related pictures or screenshots
  •   Quick top-of-mind jots
  •   Dictation
  •   Webpage links
  •   Documents from email

As your day moves along, checkmark items as "Complete". Anything left behind is automatically rolled over to the next day (or you can choose to do it manually).

From the Remote Control, you can go into Arrange Mode so that you can arrange items in a folder and perform actions on multiple items at a time.

Features at a glance:

  •   Arrange items exactly how you want to see them, such as for prioritizing or to organize the display for your needs and familiarity
  •   Copy, move, or delete multiple items
  •   Perform various actions on multiple items, such as Customize, Encrypt, etc.
  •   Cut/Copy text from multiple notes or cut/copy multiple images at a time

Wouldn't it be useful to capture multiple photos in a single PDF file sometimes? A PDF can be very convenient for storing, viewing, and sharing with others as a single file. With the iStratus® PDF Creator, you can create such PDFs with ease.

Features at a glance:

  •   Streamlined workflow
  •   Arrange, add, import-from-album, cut/copy/paste, and remove individual photos
  •   Take photos in color or black & white. Black & white photos are small/efficient and can be more well-defined for documents such as receipts.
  •   Simply create recurring events and appointments with varying times.
  •   Eliminate having to re-enter the same appointment data multiple times.
  •   Personalize with various themes, tags, icons and colors.
  •   Unique to iStratus DayPlanner.
  •   This is a real time saver.
  •   Designed to keep your plans “top-of-mind”.
  •   Easily create, view and access your plans, goals, notes and activities.
  •   Personalized folders with icons, themes, colors and names.
  •   Quickly access photos, contacts, files, emails...
  •   Tap iStratus remote control to access photos, contacts, files and more.

Designed to easily manage your calendar, tasks, plans, and more, all in a single app.

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About iStratus DayPlanner

iStratus® DayPlanner is a shareable digital planner to combine your personal, family, and business activities.

iStatus Calendar

iStratus DayPlanner… the All-in-One solution to organize your life across your mobile iOS devices.

Your life…organized. Ever wish you had more time? Of course. Why? We’re all busier today than ever before. Managing our time is essential to avoid hassles and stay on top of our plans, appointments, and to-dos...not to mention whatever opportunity pops up! iStratus All-In-One DayPlanner helps you get more things done in a single, easy-to-use app. It syncs across all your Apple iOS devices to support your scheduling, tasks, and planning needs and take advantage of Dropbox cloud storage so the information you need is always the moment.

  1.   Share your life with family, friends, and business associates.
  2.   Store in the cloud to instantly access files, folders, and more on the go.
  3.   Transfer unfinished tasks to the next day...automatically.
  4.   Protect sensitive information with military-grade encryption.

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