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Simple protection for all your digital data.

Welcome to iStratus®

Your Digital Notebook and Planner.

Data Encryption, Secure Vault, Digital File Cabinet, Personal Secretary and life manager - All in one secure app.

Gather. Connect. Create tasks. Store all your data in one App.

  • Digital Notebook and Planner: The iStratus digital notebook goes beyond the normal calendar app by letting you create listings where you save everything you need for that appointment. There’s no need to juggle between apps when you have it all right there:

  • To-Do List/Checklist
  • Contacts
  • Photos
  • Files
  • Task Manager
  • Add any of these media to an appointment in your planner for easy reference—no need to switch back and forth between apps to find everything you need at that time.
    If it’s an appointment that happens more than once, you can set it to recur in your calendar, even if it’s on different days and at different times each week or month.

  • Safe Documents: Whether you’re storing your documents in a calendar listing or in your file cabinet, you have peace of mind knowing that they are encrypted for your privacy—nobody can access them except for you.
    Need to share sensitive material to someone? You can send your personal data like a social security number or bank account information via iStratus, and the recipient will be able to access the material only with your encryption code.

  • Password Storage: How many passwords do you have to remember? With banking, shopping, social media, email, keyless entry, alarm systems and PINs, it’s nearly impossible to commit them all to memory. The Secure Vault on iStratus offers a single place to keep all your user IDs and passwords secure (what techies would call “encrypted”). Your iStratus app uses the most advanced encryption techniques in the world to protect your passwords, and all you need to worry about is a single master password to access all of them.

  • Daily Workspace: Think of iStratus as a digital desk where you can collect everything you need for that day: your list of tasks you need to tackle, the phone numbers for important calls you have to make, and the files you have to reference. Use your workspace to collect it right where you want to use it. You can even use the search feature to find any files or data you have saved on your iStratus app.

  • Digital File Cabinet: You know those files that you wish you always had on you? Whether it’s something as important as your insurance information and tax forms or something as simple as the club card for your local grocery store, you can scan it and file it away in iStratus where it’s easily accessible no matter where you go.

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iStratus® Digital Notebook & Planner
Organize your daily activities

Who Uses iStratus?

The short answer is everyone? Different people are going to have different needs at different times, but iStratus is the one app that can take care of all of it.

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  • Juggling Class and Work

    Jake is a full-time student who also holds a part-time job. He uses iStratus to create recurring events for the classes he has Monday through Thursday and the shifts he works on some evenings and weekend. He can scan the syllabi for his classes and save them within the recurring events on his calendar for easy reference about what’s being covered and what homework is due. He saves his passwords for both his personal email account and school email account, as well as the point-of-sale feature at work, and he can file away emails or screenshots of text messages from his professors or boss if he has questions about them to ask in class.

  • Making Doctor’s Appointments Go Smoothly

    Stacey has a doctor’s appointment coming up next week. She had to make it weeks in advance, but iStratus is helping her stay on top of it. She uses iStratus to create an appointment in her day planner (with a reminder in case she forgets about it, of course), and within that calendar listing, she types out notes she needs to remember to ask her doctor. She can also file away a photo of a rash so her doctor can see what it looked like when it first developed. When the time comes for her to go to the appointment, she leaves the house with confidence knowing that her insurance card is saved to her day planner for easy access, as is the bill from her last visit so she can address a discrepancy she noticed.

  • Manage Your Business

    Silvia is a CEO of a company, but it’s not quite in the budget for her to have a personal assistant. Until that person gets hired, she has to manage her day-to-day herself. She uses iStratus to save dates and times of meetings in her day planner, complete with the agenda, the contacts of anyone she needs to phone in, her list of notes she wants to go over, and the files she wants to review. When she has a business trip she has to take, she keeps copies of her plane ticket, ID and payment information safely stored in her digital files. It’s also good for her to know that when she’s out of the office for an extended period of time, she has her digital signature saved to iStratus, so she can insert it in important documents and send it back right away. She also has passwords for all her many business accounts securely saved, along with scans of invoices and tax forms, all of which is protected (i.e. encrypted) with the most advanced technology.

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iStratus Event Screenshot

Life is Complicated. Stay Organized.

  • The day-to-day gets pretty overwhelming pretty fast. No matter what you have going on, you need everything right at your fingertips—your calendar, your to-do list, your reminders and your notes—all within one app.

    With iStratus, you can manage your life in a safe, organized, efficient way, and save it to a place where you know you’ll always have with you: your phone or tablet.

Secure Vault

  • • Simplify password storage
  • • Save your Credit Card, Driver's License, etc.

We are all overwhelmed with dozens or even hundreds of passwords - banking, shopping sites, social media, PINs, different email accounts, keyless entry, alarm systems, various websites.

Maybe you already maintain your passwords in a text file, a spreadsheet, or even a supposedly "secure" website. It is extremely unlikely that your methodology is truly secure. You may not even trust it enough to enter all of your passwords in there.

Rest assured, our "Secure Vault" uses the most advanced encryption techniques in the world. First and foremost, your passwords are SECURE here! You simply need to provide a single "Master Password" that itself is not stored on your device or in the cloud and it doesn't travel over the internet.

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Bring your Dropbox file system to life on your iOS device!

  • Access, organize, create, and personalize folders and files

  • Encrypt/secure your important files

  • Use a first-class Secure Vault, stored and encrypted in your Dropbox

  • Plan out your day by connecting your Calendar & Tasks with your Dropbox

Take your Dropbox to the next level of usability in your daily life – get started right away and grow from there!

Secure Document Signing

iStratus makes document signing a breeze. Sign, date, or initial any document you have downloaded, received, or created. Plus, with our “PDF maker “ use your iPhone or iPad to scan of any type document and convert it to a PDF.

iStratus Features

Full Feature List

You already know the basics of how to use your Dropbox, so you can gradually and naturally use more features in iStratus, such as:


  • ● Notes
  • ● Tasks
  • ● Checklists
  • ● Photos/Videos
  • ● Audio Recordings (for convenient dictation)
  • ● Contacts (organize them in your own folder structure)
  • ● PDFs (snap multiple photos into a single file)


Files are immediately stored in your Dropbox or Google Drive, accessible from anywhere. Notes, Tasks, Checklists, and other files can also be edited from your desktop or laptop.


  • ● Personalize the appearance of folders/files with various themes, images, colors, and fonts.
  • ● Order your folders/files in a way that makes sense to you.
  • ● Apply comments, tags,colored-flags, and more to any folder/file.


  • ● Encrypt individual files
  • ● Military-grade encryption
  • ● Use your own password(s)
  • ● Workflow that is intuitive and also very informative

Secure Vault

  • ● Store all of your passwords in a single ultra-secure location
  • ● Safely copy and store Credit Card, Driver's License, etc.


  • ● Create and track day-to-day tasks, activities, and appointments
  • ● Store info relevant to your day, such as a receipt
  • ● Unfinished tasks are moved to the next day
  • ● Easily create recurring events with varying dates and times
  • ● Sensitive information can be protected with military‑grade encryption
  • ● Your Apple devices are automatically synchronized


  • ● Personalize with your own themes, icons, colors, and tags
  • ● Intuitive design and layout
  • ● Easily create recurring events with varying dates and times
  • ● Move multiple events at-a-time
  • ● Attach relevant documents
  • ● Integrated with Apple's calendar and Siri
  • ● Synchronized across your Apple devices and other services (iCloud, Google, Exchange)


  • ● Enhanced search capabilities:
    • - Search even when offline
    • - In addition to folder/file names, the following are also searchable: comments, tags, completion status, flag status, recently modified
  • ● Assign folders/files to others
  • ● Show recent changes, such as modified/new files, customization, and status
  • ● PDF Creator
  • ● Built-in "Production Scanning" app
  • ● Plus a lot more amazing benefits!

If you ever stop using iStratus® Digital Notebook, your Dropbox or Google Drive remains safe and sound. Even your encrypted files can be accessed outside of iStratus® Digital Notebook, with the correct password.


Features iStratus iStratus PRO
Organize Your Day
Integrate Your Events and 'To-Do' Items Into Your Calendar
Supports Multiple Calendars
Create & Organize Files
Mark Any File a 'To-Do' to include in Your Calendar
Import Attachments from Mail and Other Apps
Create/Edit Multi-Page PDFs
View & Edit Encrypted Files
Personalize Your Look & Feel
Securely Store & Manage Passcodes
Securely Store Credit Cards
File Encryption for Privacy
Sign PDFs and Word Documents
Never Lose a 'To-Do' - Daily Roll Up

The iStratus PRO model has two cost options:
$9.99 annually (1-month free trial period before charge)
$0.99 monthly (1-month free trial period before charge)

To contact support or for any questions, please email us at:

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