Meal Planning

A Healthier You!

New Year, New You, Right?

With each New Year, comes resolution: Changes are welcomed and new ideas are formed. 

In the spirit of new beginnings and starting with a clean slate, we want to help you take action towards becoming further organized this year. Below are some tips to help us all serge into another year refreshed with iStratus.

We hope you feel that spark of rejuvenated optimism. Taking Action is the first step.

Begin Small with Achievable Targets

Right off the bat, setting realistic goals will improve your chances of success. Realistically, grandiose resolutions or targets will likely result in feelings of failure. Whereas if you begin with having your engine checked, drinking two glasses of wine a day, or reading-through your email first thing in the morning, avoiding distractions later; these small things, can lead to big successes.

Perhaps, choose three tasks you will begin doing daily. Once you have mastered those three, adopt three more to pursue.

Declutter to Feel Refreshed

As you may well already know by now, one of our favorite things associated with using iStratus is the idea of lessening clutter. Perhaps you cleared stuff out before Thanksgiving or Christmas, however, when you seriously think about it, there will no doubt be further things in your house or life requiring attention to freely welcome a new year. 

Tidy Can Be Mighty

Housework may be your least favorite task, however, flipping it around, cleaning is also a good way to relax or provide stress relief. In the end, you might love the result of having a clean living space.

Try creating a weekly “spring-cleaning” guideline in iStratus and applying whatever best fits with your schedule and your family, where everyone can positively contribute somehow.

Your Calendar is an Advantage For Everything

While some people may dislike being ‘boxed in’ with schedules on their calendar, adding reminders, tasks, vacations, and other important events to it can also help you recall things. Use iStratus on your smart device and start noting your “To-Do’s”, to stay on top of daily tasks.

“Gaining control over your health and well-being is one of those times in your life that you get to be completely selfish and not feel bad about it. If you want to meet your goals, you have to make it about you. You have to make it work for you and you alone. Anything less is a setup for failure.”

~ Jennifer Hudson

Why iStratus Storage is Effective

With the emergence of electronic e-statements or e-billings, we are subsequently cutting back on paper filing. Thus, our main goal at iStratus is to provide a safe and secure, one-stop, storage system in the palm of your hand for documents you may need to access, no matter where you are. 

Stick To A Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Routine and Don’t Feel Stuck

If you tend to forget due dates, creating routines, or checklists will make it easier to accomplish your tasks on time in no time. Things such as fixed automatic payments, or meal planning ahead will make your life less stressful. Set reminders for things that need addressing each week or month to remain organized. 

Additionally, set routines aligned with what you already do and build upon these things, one step at a time. So when life becomes overwhelming or stressful, consistent routines provide some stability to get things done.

Yes, Love Those Packed Lunches

It’s no secret, packed lunches are not just for school kids, best yet – there’s a whole new foodie love out there for taking lunch to work, or pre-prepping dinners to save you slaving in the kitchen every day. There are loads of exciting sandwich recipes on the web, that you can dare to try not just the classic PB&J. This can also save you buckets of money each week.

Use iStratus to lessen the stress of dinner decisions and checklist groceries and pre-plan. Not only will this save you money, but the pre-planning will also save you precious time overall. Calmer mornings make for calmer and less stressful eating on the run!!

Monitor Your Progress

We love the use of color. Give it a big check or a big check on your calendar with iStratus. Highlight each day that you’ve made successful strides towards keeping some of your resolutions. 

When you can physically visualize the chain of success, you will be more motivated to keep going down the list until your goals are achieved.

While tracking your progress may appear somewhat daunting, it will also potentially motivate you to do more.  Even if you’re feeling flat at the minute: Go do something right now! Mark up that iStratus calendar!

As the year progresses, focus on organizing one day at a time. There is absolutely no time like the present!

Live life and roll well with iStratus. Download our free app today.